About the Institute

The Institute is the founder of private elementary schools and preschool childcare at all locations in Slovenia. The Institute has a director and the Board of the Institute, which serves as the governing body of the Institute.

The Board of the Lila Institute plays a professional and developmental supervision role to all Lila organizational units in Slovenia (by agreement even widely), conducts classroom observations in the Education for Life Institutions around the world, cooperates with various educational institutions of Slovenia and foreign organizations in order to raise the quality of individual Lila school and preschool units, and leads the Education for Life internationally recognized education activities for teachers, educators, and parents. The Board of the Lila institute publishes literature and other useful materials, developmental teaching and personal monitoring of children and adults, organizes events for the public, such as courses, round-tables, educational meetings, etc., and is daily spiritually connected with the light grid of the whole Universe, with the Oneness


Gašper Kemperle
Director of the Institute

Bhakti Lučovnik
OU Lila Ljubljana

Katja Čelič
OU Lila Novo mesto

Mojca Šimer
OU Lila Obala

Avati Grabeljšek

Rebeka Vidic
Connection of Lila units

Renata Babič
International Connections

Kristijan Crnica

Tina Rutar Leban

Tala Bevk
Adult education

Eki Schweiger
PR and publishing