Additional subjects

Two additional subjects, which make our school special, are Personal Development and Understanding of Others and Cooperation.  We believe that they are of a great importance for the child’s social development, spiritual growth, self-esteem, talents, and respect for others…


Lila will soon get her brother. Mummy is already quite inflated whilst his dad is upset. However, Lila is hardly joining their enthusiasm and preparation for all, as she has problems, which remain unanswered. Will they even notice me when my brother is born? Can I even love him? Will he love me?


The lesson in this subject does not have the established content and its background is not theoretical. We come from practical examples of everyday life of children and talk about them frankly. Instead of theories, we read literary works in which children can identify themselves with heroes or through the hero they can better understand the situation of others. We are also involved in various projects at the children’s initiative. In the second and third educational period, depending on the interest of the child, the theoretical background is also included (for example, how an emotion arises, what influences your self-esteem …)

Indicative issues that we are talking about:

  • What is happiness? Friendship? Honesty? Gratitude?
  • How do I apologize? How do I tell the truth?
  • How can I relax? How do I improve concentration, memory?
  • What do I feel?
  • Is it true what they said on television, what I heard on the radio?
  • Am I in love? Do I love?
  • What do I want to become when I grow up?
  • How can I help Mom/Dad in the kitchen?
  • Do I take enough care of my body?
  • Am I satisfied with myself?


Lila is playing in a sandbox when a girl approaches to her and starts playing with Lila’s toys. What shall I do? thinks Lila. Shall I take her toys, shall I tell her mommy? …

This subject teaches us about the communication and engagement with others. Through the project work, we learn cooperative skills. Young children play with preschoolers or with the children from other classes, they get to know the staff at school, and the elderly cooperate with younger children or with local people from the town.


Pri tem predmetu se učimo, kako komunicirati in sobivati z drugimi ljudmi. Preko projektnega dela se učimo veščin sodelovanja. Mlajši se igrajo s predšolskimi otroki ali z otroki iz drugih razredov, spoznavajo druge delavce v šoli in podobno, starejši pa sodelujejo z mlajšimi otroki ali s krajani iz našega mesta.

We learn:

  • Cooperation can be effective.
  • Instead of competing with others, I prefer to compete with myself.
  • How to listen to others and accept them?
  • I listen, and I help, both younger and older.
  • Different people, different cultures.
  • How can I help?
  • How I see myself in this society?