Nursery, school and family co-living and acting according to the Education for Life principles is a natural way, which, when putting mindfulness into account (conscious activity), enables the adult and the child to constantly improve their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abilities.


We are striving to reach the highest level of awareness where we will be able to work for the common good on a personal and social level, have an overview of the whole situation and be aimed at our functioning, bearing in mind the objective that goes beyond personal interests.

Teachers and school leaders consciously lead themselves and their children from lower consciousness to higher ones by using a “funnel” scheme. When children gradually raise their awareness, they also become mentors in this process.

When we are in this state of awareness, we have more energy, peace and inner stability. This allows individuals and groups the productive collaboration, efficient upgrading of skills and motivation for further activities. This renders productive collaboration, efficient upgrading of skills, and motivation for further activities accessible to both individuals and groups.


  • Home, preschool or school daily rhythm with some intermediate relaxing routines and as relaxed transitions between activities as possible (e.g. quietly changing the location through crying or singing);
  • To live and develop in a balanced manner in both natural and professional environments;
  • Integrated methodology of learning (individual and group), by taking equal account of the child and content;
  • Critical friendship and mentoring of the children and adults and their equal impact on the course or content of the program;
  • Meals are taken in silence or in a calm and quiet atmosphere, so we use several nonverbal communication and songs;
  • The children are involved in household and other tasks (e.g. food preparation and table settings with eating utensils);
  • A child can talk to adults about all challenges / obstacles (respectfully expresses everything that disturbs him/her and finds a suitable solution by getting the adult’s support).