EFL Course

Anyone who wants to learn more about the core principles of Education for Life and practical work from the school environment (staff members and school operation) is invited to our EFL course. Lila’s experiences will be intertwined in your daily life with regard to your relationship challenges, education, and social development.
At the same time, the course content provides insight into the basis of our modules, which are intended for better understanding of more concrete and more well- targeted activities according to the principles of the Education for Life (EFL), arising from parents and educators.
Overview of Topics::
– Rise or fall of our consciousness and, consequently, the energy of the individual and the group
– Equivalence and productivity in Education for Life educational societies
– Our own and group engagement, the importance of the community

The course lasts 4 hours and is carried out in a group of 5 to 15 people. The dates are based on actual demand. Courses dates are published on the Lila website under the theme Announcements, on the Lila Elementary School Facebook page and via Lila News.

The course takes place at the Lila classroom at Langusova 8 in Ljubljana. By using the bell at the school safety barrier, you will inform us that you are behind Lila and you will be able to park the car on the inside parking lot. The signposts will bring you to the classroom.