Group formation

Teachers work in heterogeneous and multi age classrooms consisted of about 15 children and 2 teachers.  This helps individualize the learning process.

Class Schedule

Classes are given from 8:00 to 15:00. The teacher can allocate learning time throughout the day. The process and length of the teaching unit is determined by the teacher with regard to the child’s energy in the classroom. At a given moment, the teacher tries to assess whether the children still have enough concentration to continue their work, or whether they need to stop and have a break.

This does not mean that the children have more lessons, compared to children in other education programs. The classes consist of only estimated number of lessons in one week; however, these lessons are spread out over a wider period, allowing the teacher to truly follow the ability of children to work. The classes are organized in such a way that the activities are carried out as far as possible outside the classroom, in nature. Before- and after- school care is also organized at school, but outside school hours.

Time between lessons is devoted to breaks with different activities, which the children have the right to choose (independent learning, guided activities, non-guided activities, children activities and interests), and which help them to rest, gain new energy, be prepared and focused on relearning. These breaks are shorter as the children get older.  Classes have become increasingly connected with children leisure activities due to greater maturity and better children’s understanding of the lessons.