School meals and nutrition

The eating process takes place in a pleasant environment by paying attention to food while eating.
The school offers only vegetarian food. This is based on the principles of Education for Life (meat consumption affects our own energy and awareness), and having regard to ethical (respectful and compassionate attitude toward animals) and environmental reasons (mass livestock burdens the environment).

A properly planned meat-free diet can be completely balanced (see Healthy Dietary Guidelines in Educational Institutions, Ministry of Health, 2005; Practical Planning of  Healthy Menus in Educational Institutions, Ministry of Health, National Education Institute Slovenia, 2008).

Our school food includes a large variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains high in fiber. In addition, those children whose parents do not eat foods of animal origin are enabled to get vegetarian meals also during school time.

Within the daily school rhythm, children are also very active during individual meals. They prepare meals for themselves and are involved in food distribution and serving. The lunch begins with some relaxation exercises. We encourage children to drink water throughout the day.

The school meals are organized in cooperation with JANTAS d. o. o. from Medvode.

Parents are autonomous when deciding about food choices in the family.