The Body

The main goal is to help children to nurture the balanced development of their body and discipline, and understand it, but, at the same time, perceive it, be aware of it and know how to take care of it. In addition to PE classes, where children gain physical fitness through physical activity, they develop motility and coordination and get to know different sports. Based on the principles of Education for Life, the other activities and goals, developed by the children in the context of the other subjects and activities at school, are part of physical development:

  • Learn body awareness techniques;
  • Research your own physical abilities;
  • Develop a positive attitude toward food;
  • Learn how diet plays a role in physical and mental health (for example, testing, which foods give us more energy and which can damage your body);
  • Have a positive attitude toward recreational sport;
  • Learn various relaxation techniques, massage;
  • Learn different postures that fight pain;
  • Learn how to sit correctly;
  • Learn specific physical exercises to raise your energy and concentration;
  • Develop fine motor skills (for example, how to type with ten fingers);
  • Other.

In the context of physical development, the emphasis is also on developing a respectful attitude toward your body and the body of others (in words and actions). In particular, this is important in the period of puberty and at the time of establishing the first partnership relations, when the physical appearance and sexual behavior can result in measuring self-esteem in adolescents.