The Will

The will, focusing on results and the ability to set and achieve set goals, is an important component of an individual’s life. It is difficult to set goals and achieve them if this ability is not developed. Working with children according to the principles of Education for Life involves the development of the child’s will in a systematic way. In the classroom, the teacher includes activities that encourage and challenge the children to set higher goals and try to achieve them. One part of developing the will is also to set and achieve the goals and challenges that the individuals are not interested in (but they are developmental goals based at the teacher’s discretion, which the children become aware of once the goal has been achieved). One of the elements that help the child develop the will is competitiveness, which is directed inward, to set challenges to himself or herself. The teacher encourages the children in activities (if necessary, with a predetermined set of rewards) to take on the personal and learning challenges set by the teacher or by themselves. Time in silence (after lunch).

In sports activities involving a competition between two teams, the teacher encourages the children of each team, at the beginning of the match, to initiate a challenge which includes the result of their own team (for example, the number of baskets by each basketball team) and, if possible, sets a challenge or goal higher as in the last such match (if this higher goal is achievable, of course). Thus, their challenge is to overcome themselves and to improve their own result. Achieving their goal, therefore, lies in their own hands. The goal does not have anything to do with the opposite team. The teacher also leads an individual child in his/her schoolwork. The results of others are not relevant. What is important, however, is that the child gradually increases and achieves his or her own goals. In this way, the child also learns planning, perseverance, and patience (gradual achievement of more demanding goals), as well as accepting failures, for what he can take the necessary time and space during lessons. The teacher develops the child’s will during the teaching of various subjects as well as within the project work, which is a part of the subject Understanding People and Cooperation.